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Kristina Padilla is a leader with the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP), where she serves as the director of education. Additionally, she is the director of business development for the organization, bringing addiction-focused businesses together to promote the profession, increase access to services and improve the quality of service provision through education, business development and investment in quality programming. Padilla has a bachelor’s of science degree in criminal justice administration and a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

Topic: LGBTQI 
When: Sat March 14,2020  
Time: 10 AM PST. 
Presented By: Kristina Padilla, MA, IMF, LAADC, ICAADC, CGS 


"A Note of Commendation"

   I feel so strongly regarding the methods, skills and results of your consultation at perhaps the most important moment in my collective family’s life, I wanted to write a letter acknowledging the small miracle you assembled in my Family’s intervention and most important, the steps you took to get there.
As the Regional Marketing Manager for one of the top ten largest companies in the US, I see both the good and the bad regarding team dynamics, unforeseen circumstances and the results of good and bad planning every day, and that s why I am so grateful and amazed at your ability to handle all three.
I now know that in any intervention, there are at least three very powerful factors at work:

1. The dynamics, agendas, strong emotions and baggage of each ‘cast member’ in that need to perform the intervention amounts to in essence a 10 or so-legged beast.

2. The focus of the Intervention, and his/her mindset in the days leading up to the Intervention are as varied as the wind.

3.  Mitigating and unforeseen circumstances, such as changing venues and new ‘ideas’ thrown in by external forces can threaten the Intervention.
Rick, with a period of only 72 hours, you showed a very rare ability to thoughtfully yet calmly handle all three, which restored and focused the collective mindset of the Intervention participants and target.

First you fully heard out each of the five Intervention participants IN FULL, ON THEIR OWN TERMS. Your patience was saint-like in discussing and airing initial issues in a group setting which you moderated with confidence and expertise which quickly established your leadership and our confidence in you. You followed up with each participant and heard out their wants and worries by taking phone calls at all hours and meeting each of us in side conversations, neutral places, and round the clock phone calls which you always answered on the 1st ring.

Second, you were able to synthesize the collective memories and anecdotes regarding the subject of the intervention, not only on paper through thoughtful and considerate consultation with us separately, but more importantly, to form your own “love” and commitment to the subject, and with it you were able to create the passion for the subject necessary to focus all of us highly-emotional beings on the subject himself. We knew you listened enough to really care about my Dad – it was evident and it was vital to our success.

Finally, and most unexpectedly, you were the hardest-hustling professional I have ever worked with. As the day and time of the Intervention grew closer, and the Intervention was threatened with changes in venue, changes in my Dad’s preceding mindset and mood, and changes to approach suggested by each of us, your focus actually grew stronger amidst our panic. That is so rarely seen in the professional world and is perhaps your biggest talent. In the final four hours alone, you personally and physically secured the help and commitment of the decision makers up the CEO of the hospital my father was being discharged from to ensure a smooth venue. You ‘hand-held’ each of us when you were unexpectedly excluded from the actual intervention, preparing us for this possibility in advance and assigning our roles appropriately. And of course, you handled ALL pre-research and logistics in getting my father into the perfect Recovery facility for his needs,
Rick, you are an outstanding judge of people, what they are capable of, what they are not capable of, and most important, how they can help meet the one lone important goal – commitment to recovery.

And after my experience with you and your staff I can fairly judge you and your staff with this: an absolute A+. My father, a heavy drinker for decades, is now in a 30-day program, and loving it and it is loving him. On behalf of the entire Echlin family, thank you for your clearheaded, focused hustle in our time of intense need. You are a great human being.

 - Laguna Hills, CA
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