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Substance Use Disorder Counselor Certification Training


We're looking for our next 10 success stories...

If you feel called to help others in recovery, we’re ready to help you become a certified SUD Counselor without taking on massive debt.

Watch this short video to see how our program works:


"I've been telling all of my friends and family how much I love this program and now some of them have signed up too!" 
- Joji Gayle, ADCSI Student

After 9 Years and 150+ Certified Graduates…

We’ve proven that even students on limited budgets and tight schedules can get the exact same counselor training taught at top universities.


How is this possible?

The training we provide costs $18K - $27K at top universities. Still, our students pay a fraction of that in tuition. How?

100% Online - No longer worry about having to sit in a crowded physical classroom, especially when you are in need of individual attention, instruction and guidance. Access your coursework on the go from tablet or smartphone. 

Strict class size limits - Unlike certificate mills, our classes are limited to a maximum of 10 students. This keeps the quality of instruction high and personalized, while costs to provide the training are pushed even lower.

So, the barriers to your calling no longer apply. If you are ready to stop waiting and start making a difference as a certified, professional SUD Counselor, click the button below and fill out our application and book a call so we can determine if this program is right for you.

Complete an application so we can start a conversation. (Only 1 spot left for July 2020)

-Donna Earls, CADC-CAS 

Mr.Rick has a passion for teaching, I enrolled in school shortly after completing treatment myself but he was very supportive of me. I even experienced a relapse shortly after graduating, I reached out to Mr. Rick to let him know what happened and he was still supportive of me and encouraged me to use my experience to grow. Since then I have been a residential counselor, program supervisor and am currently employed as a substance use disorder specialist for an organization that I am very proud to be employed with linking homeless patients with community resources on a multidisciplinary team in Southern California. 

- Lonnie Hogan, CADC-II 

Thanks to Mr. Rick and ADCSI I was able to complete my coursework with a busy schedule, I took my CCAPP Exam, Passed It and within that same week was able to get a pay increase working for a job that I love as a Substance Use Disorder Counselor for A California State Prison. 

-Diane Alzina, CADC-CAS 

I was apprehensive to sign up for school initially, I met with Mr. Rick a couple of times, he encouraged me and I eventually signed up. That was 12 years ago. I obtained my first job at the place I completed my Internship, a few years later I was given the opportunity to run an Intensive Out-Patient Program which I am now the supervisor of. If you are getting ready to join this field... you're lucky, get ready for an amazing career. 

About Rick Reyes

Rick Reyes is the founder of ADCS Institute, has over 20 years of personal recovery from addiction and has maintained a private Intervention Practice for over 10 years.

Rick founded ADCSI in 2011, after working and teaching in the field for more than a decade. When he’s not leading classes, helping students one-on-one or referring them into the ADCSI network to kick-start their careers, Rick enjoys spending time with his wife and son or working on his passion project Hosting "When Addicts Say Goodbye" Podcast.
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